How do I leave feedback for a user?

In a nutshell, you'll be able to leave feedback for a user after an offer has been made by the buyer and accepted by the seller. In this way, you can be sure that the feedback that you're seeing on a user's profile is for a genuine transaction.

How do I leave feedback as a buyer?

After you've made the decision to purchase an item, first make an offer to the seller by tapping "Make an Offer". If the seller accepts your offer, you can then proceed to deal and leave feedback for the seller by tapping “Leave feedback for (seller username)”.

Once you've left feedback, you can also share your awesome Carousell experience on Facebook and Twitter!

Do note that feedback can be left only after an offer is made by the buyer and accepted by the seller. If a seller declines your offer, it means that there has been no successful deal. In these circumstances, you will not be able to leave feedback for the seller and vice versa. This does not mean that your deal automatically fails however. You can always try again and make another offer to the seller. Alternatively, you can exit the chat.

If, after making an offer, you feel that the offer price is not right, you can also tap on "Edit Offer" to change your offer price. Make sure you do so before the seller taps "Accept Offer".

How do I leave feedback as a seller?

After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept or decline it. If the price is satisfactory, tap “Accept Offer”. Once an offer is accepted, both you and the buyer can proceed to deal and leave each other feedback by tapping “Leave Feedback”. After the item is sold and money is exchanged, you can then tap on “Mark as Sold” to mark item as sold. Do note that marking an item as sold is permanent; you will no longer be able to receive offers on the item after this.

If the price offered by a buyer is unsatisfactory, you may choose to decline the offer. Both seller and buyer will not be able to leave each other feedback if an offer is declined or not accepted.