Here's some tips to help you sell better!

Here are a few tips to help you sell better, reaching out to more potential buyers!

1. Take beautiful photos of your items!

Here's an example from one of our Carousell members @hanxi :)

Beautifully taken photos matter! Take your photos against a white background to make your items really stand out. Simple, clean and neat photos garner the most appeal!

2. Give your items good names and list them in the correct category!

Carousellers are constantly searching for items to buy and also to inspire them as they browse around. Get your items to show up in searches by giving them good titles – provide the brand, description of your items, condition of the item, etc. Avoid naming your listings with titles like “dress”, or even “black dress” for that matter. It may take a longer time to name the items, but you will get to sell them off faster.

3. Set realistic prices 

There are many great deals out there offered on Carousell, so don’t set an unrealistically high price! Do a quick check first by searching for similar items on Carousell and seeing how others are pricing them.

4. Share your listings!

Sell -> ‘Sharing’ tab -> Configure Facebook and Twitter 

Share your Carousell profile and listing updates on Facebook and Twitter! Your friends are the most likely group of people to support you – both by following your account and also purchasing your items. After all, they should already trust you enough to shop from you, and it might just give you guys that little push you need to meet up already!