How can I protect my images on Carousell?

Any time you upload a photo publicly to the Internet, it comes with a risk. If you're concerned, here are a few tips to help you avoid a sticky situation.

  • Watermark your images. This is an effective tool to prevent image theft, however we generally wouldn't recommend it as it can make your images look messy, and your overall profile look cluttered. Watermarked photos are also unsuitable for features within Carousell (eg. Seller Spotlight) and are unlikely to be picked for curated features outside Carousell (eg. Blog or press features)
  • Integrate a personal/shop brand into your images. If you have a logo, brand image, specific style of photography or anything to help you differentiate your product images, try integrating this into your photos so that they are easily identified as belonging to you.
  • Don't upload your highest-resolution images. Resize your images before uploading them to Carousell. Just ensure that they are clear enough for details to be seen in-app. This will prevent theft of your original image.

Got any tips to share with the community on this subject?  Let us know!