What are Campus Marketplaces?

Campus Marketplaces are basically Carousell marketplaces that only individuals from your campus or school can access. 

Each school is given its own private community, so when you deal within a Campus Marketplace, you know you're only dealing only with your own schoolmates. This makes it much easier to buy and sell school items as well as deal safely within the school compound with people you know and trust. Only users with a school email address can join a Campus Marketplace, so you can feel safe that there are no imposters lurking around! 

Once you've joined a Campus Marketplace, the items that you've listed for sale can be cross-listed in the Campus Marketplace as well as on the public Carousell marketplace. This helps to maintain a wide pool of buyers and ensures that people not from your school can still purchase your items if they see something you like.

Campus Marketplaces are currently available for Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and USA colleges. 

Don't see your country or school on the list? Let us know that you want Campus Marketplace in your area by  filling in this form! We hope to roll out Campus Marketplaces to more countries globally soon.