How can I promote my listings to students on my campus?

To share your Carousell profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, go to "Me" and tap "Promote".

A profile image will be auto-magically-generated for you so all you have to do is choose which social networks you want to promote to! Tap those that you want to share your profile on, then tap the big green button - "Promote Now".

You can also promote individual listings. To do this, tap the "More" icon on the listing card.

You can also promote an item from within the listing page by tapping the "More" icon at the bottom of the listing. If you tap "Promote Listing", an shareable image for your item will be created that you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tap "Promote Now" when done.

To get more buyers from your college to see what you're selling, try promoting your items to Facebook groups. Just Tap the "More" icon in an item listing and tap "Post to Facebook Groups". You'll see a list of suggested Facebook groups for you to share your Carousell listing to. You can also promote your listing to groups that you are currently a member of

Tip: Most colleges have two Facebook groups - "Free and For Sale" and "Textbooks Exchange". Find these groups for your college so you can promote your listings to students on the same campus!