How do I set up my Carousell account?

Setting up your account

If you’ve already set up your Carousell account, you can skip this step! Just login with the username and password you signed up with and you’re good to go!

Upon launching the Carousell app for the first time, you will be prompted to either sign up or login with Facebook, Google+ (Android only) or your email address. You can create your Carousell account by tapping either of these options.


If you have an existing Facebook or Google+ account, you can sign up for Carousell through a 1-tap process. When prompted, just sign-in to your Facebook or Google+ account to authenticate. 

To create a Carousell account using an email address, just tap “Sign up or Log in with Email”.

At the sign-up form, you can choose your desired Carousell username and password. After entering the required information into the form, tap “ Sign Up”. Your Carousell account will immediately be created and you’ll be logged in with your new account into the Carousell app on your mobile.


At this juncture, check your email inbox for the password verification email. Click the link in the email to activate your Carousell account and you’re all ready to start dealing on the marketplace! (Note: You must verify your account in order to sell on Carousell. If you have any issues with this,  let us know.)

Before we get into listing stuff for sale, why not take a couple of minutes to fill out your Carousell user profile? This lets other community members know a little bit about you and what you’re selling. You can add a picture to your profile as well to add some personality!  GettingStarted-CreatingAccount3

Some of you might want to separate your personal and business accounts.

Do note that each Carousell account is linked to a unique email address so ensure that you have one before you pop over to create a new account.