How do I use the Instagram importer?

Using the Instagram Importer

Use this feature only if you want to import existing “for sale” listings from your Instashop to your Carousell store. 

Carousell’s Instagram Importer works to help you quickly import your Instagram shop over to Carousell in less than 5 minutes. This saves you a whole bunch of time so you don’t need to manually re-list everything that you previously were selling on Instagram!

First, access the Instagram Importer  HERE (the link is mobile and web-friendly) You can read about how the feature works and also the whole host of benefits that come from switching over to Carousell, a platform that was built especially for buying and selling on mobile.


Before starting the import, you can preview what your Carousell store would look like by entering your Instagram username and clicking “Preview Shop”.


After that, just scroll down for the preview!


When you’re ready to import your listings, click “Start Instagram Import” at the top or bottom of the screen (green button). You’ll be prompted to either create a Carousell account or sign in to an existing one.


After creating or logging into your Carousell account, click “Connect to Instagram” to sign in to the Instagram account from which you would like your listings imported.


You can choose which photos should be imported to Carousell by selecting individual photos or clicking “Import recent 20 photos” to import your listings in batches. Click “Import Photos” once you’re done with your selection.


Don’t worry about not being able to customise your listings. On the next page, you can choose a title, price, category and customise the listing description for each photo before submitting them to the marketplace. It’s just like creating a listing on Carousell itself, just quicker! Take as long as you need to perfect each listing, then click “Post listings to Carousell”.

You’re done!


If you need to edit any of your listings after posting them, you can do so right in the Carousell app on your mobile. After importing them using the Instagram Importer, your listings become native Carousell posts and can be controlled with just the app.