How do I promote my profile/ listings?

Promoting yourself

Sharing your listings with friends or followers through email or social networks is a great way to keep them informed of what’s going on with your Carousell store. Widen your pool of potential buyers and speed up the time between listing and a successful sale too!

Not a seller? Share your favourite Carousell finds and give shopping suggestions to friends!

Promoting your Carousell profile

To share your Carousell profile, go to “Me”, then tap “Promote” in the menu bar (for Android) or on the top right hand corner of the screen (for iOS).


A snazzy promotional image will be auto-generated for you on the next page! You can then choose to share your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all three. Just tap the social icons at the bottom of the promotional image to select the social networks of your choice, then tap the big green button, “Promote”.


Promoting your listings

You can promote your Carousell listings by first going to “Me”, then tapping the “more” icon on the bottom right hand corner of each listing card. This will bring up a menu of sharing options to choose from. Just tap the ones you want to use.


You can also promote your listings from within the listing itself. Just tap the “more” icon at the bottom of the page to bring up the menu of sharing options. Tapping “Promote Listing” will generate a promotional image with listing details that you can share to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Easy peasy!


Sharing listings from other users

You can share listings that are not your own in the same way! Either tap the “more” icon on the bottom right hand corner of a listing card, or tap into the listing itself and tap the “more” icon at the bottom of the screen, then choose how you want to share the listing.