How do I check my inbox on web?

Chat messages with other users can be found in your Inbox.

You can view your inbox on the website by clicking on the mail icon located on the top right hand corner.  If there are new messages, you will see a notification count appearing on the mail icon.

To read the chats, just click on it.

You can reply to the seller/buyer directly in the app by using our messaging service. You are also able to send pictures.

To keep your inbox neat and recent, make use of the archive function. Messages that are archived will appear in the Archived Chats folder. You can also delete messages. Just take care when using the delete message feature because those messagescannot be retrieved once deleted.

Before proceeding with a transaction, we recommend that you check out the seller/buyer’s profile. We have made it easy for you by linking the profile in the chat page. Just click on the user’s photo and you will see the user’s profile. Take some time to read the feedbacks left by other users to gauge the credibility of the user.