Why can’t I join a group?

Users will be blocked if they are found abusing their rights as a member of any group.
Users may be blocked by admins or moderators for the following reasons:
  1. Listing irrelevant items in the group
  2. Listing duplicate listings in the group
  3. Leaving rude comments on other members’ listings
  4. Touting
  5. Inappropriate flagging

If you have been blocked from a group and would like to appeal to be added back, we would encourage you to try to resolve such issues with the group admins or moderators independently. This is because decisions on whether or not a user is blocked from a group are made by the admins or moderators of the group and not by the Carousell team. This is to preserve the autonomy of being a Group Admin.

You are able to contact a group admin or moderator by viewing the members in that particular group, identifying the moderators/administrators and contacting them via any listing made by these users.