How do I buy something on Carousell?

The Carousell marketplace is overflowing with retail goodness! Once you've found an item that you fancy (it won't take very long), chat with the seller to get more information about the item and confirm the deal when you've made up your mind about purchasing! 

1. Tap on the item that you're interested in purchasing and click the 'Chat Now' button. 

2. Tap 'Chat Now' to start enquiring about the item. You may also ask for more details and even request for photos. Continue chatting with the seller to decide on how to complete the transaction - some possible ways include bank transfer & postage, via meetup, or via Cash On Delivery. Make sure to confirm the dealing method and dealing price with the seller before proceeding to make an offer. 

3. Once you've confirmed that the item is something that you would definitely purchase, tap on the "Make an Offer" button and indicate the price agreed by both parties and tap 'Submit'. Note that once the seller has accepted your offer, you'll both then be able to leave feedback for each other.