Prohibited Content on Carousell (Australia)

Before listing, do take note of the content that is prohibited here at Carousell. 

Prohibited Content on Carousell

There are certain items or services that are not allowed on Carousell at all. They may not necessarily be illegal, however, they do not fit our selling criteria, and aren't in the spirit of Carousell. These include:

  1. Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
    1. Alcohol
    2. E-Vaporizers (E-Cigarettes) and related products
    3. Tobacco products and other smokeable products
    4. Items that resemble smoking products or promote smoking
    5. Drugs and drug paraphernalia 
  2. Adult & Mature Content
    1. Pornography and adult material including, but not limited to, pornographic books, magazines, videos, pictures and sex enhancement products
    2. Used undergarments and intimate items
    3. Adult industry services and jobs, including escort services
  3. Animals & Animal Products
    1. Live animals and insects
    2. Items made from animals, including, but not limited to, endangered species and exotic animals
    3. Human beings, human remains and body parts
  4. Counterfeit & Replica Items
    1. Counterfeit items
    2. Items that infringe copyright laws including, but not limited to, unauthorized sales of eBooks
  5. Weapons
    1. Knives, Swords and Hand Weapons, unless used for non-lethal sports or display/dress-up purposes
    2. Firearms, Imitation Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives, unless determined to be toy weapons/ammunition or used for sporting purposes
    3. Others (e.g. Tasers)
  6. Illegal Items or Encouraging Illegal Activity
    1. Stolen or illegal goods
    2. Items or listings that promote, support or seek to engage users in illegal activity
  7. Medical & Healthcare Items
    1. Health supplements
    2. Contact lenses and other optometry products
    3. Medicine, medicinal instruments and items with objectionable medical claims
    4. Injectable health/cosmetic substances
  8. Offensive Materials
    1. Content that promotes, supports or glorifies acts of violence
    2. Content that seeks to shame others and/or reveal personal information of others
    3. Content that promotes, supports or glorifies hatred and seeks to discriminate and/or demean on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation
  9. Others
    1. Recalled items
    2. Moneylender services
    3. Listings promoting Multi-Level-Marketing programs, Get-Rich-Quick schemes, pyramid selling schemes and Commission-only schemes