What is Reserved status?

When an item is marked as Reserved, it will be removed from the marketplace’s search and browsing categories. At the same time, users would not be able to start a new chat under the listing.

For sellers, this would minimise the need to attend to new chats while the item is temporarily unavailable – YAY to no longer having to edit your listing titles/descriptions to indicate as so!

For buyers, this would also minimise disappointing situations whereby an item you are interested in is fact, unavailable for purchase.

On the use of Reserved status, By default, an item will be automatically marked as Reserved when an Offer is Accepted. If you would like to turn this setting off, it can be done by:

  • Going to your profile settings
  • Under Reserve settings, toggle off

Items can also be manually marked as Reserved without utilising the Offer and Accept feature. To do so:

  • Select your listing
  • Select Edit
  • Select Reserve Listing