How is Reserved status different from Accepted offers and Sold status?

When listings are marked as Reserved, these listings will be removed from the marketplace and buyers will not be able to start new chats on these listings.

Next, sellers are able to unmark an item as Reserved at any point, unless it is Marked as Sold. Hence, the Reserved status is reversible. This is unlike the Accept offer function, as this action is irreversible on listings.

Marking an item as Reserved visible on listings will save not only sellers’ time by not having to edit listing titles/descriptions to indicate a reservation; but also buyers’ time as they’d not need spend time waiting for a reply from sellers on reserved items.

From now, all accepted offers are automatically marked as Reserved by default. To switch off auto-reserve when accepting offers, go to:

  1. Your profile
  2. Settings
  3. Reserved settings
Much like marking an item as Sold, items marked as Reserved will reflect an orange banner on the listing itself, and be removed from the marketplace search and browse categories. 

However, while sellers cannot undo the mark as Sold action, sellers can at anytime unmark an item as Reserved. Essentially, this Reserved state feature aims to allow buyers and sellers to make better-informed choices on the marketplace!