How do I post my listings to Facebook Groups!

Reach out to a wider audience! You can post your Carousell listings in a few taps to Facebook Groups that you and your neighbours, schoolmates and colleagues are part of. 

 Tap on '...' to start posting to Facebook groups! 

   If you are using an iPhone/ iPad, click on "Share" and then "Share on Facebook". 

   If you’re using an Android device, click on 'More sharing options' and then 'Add to Facebook’.


 You will be directed to your Facebook app where you should see the following screen:


 Tap on the top where it says "Tap to change" and choose "Groups". Pick the group that you would like to share your listing to!


 You may then be able to edit the description to be posted along with the listing!

Voila! Your listing has been successfully posted to Facebook groups! :D 

Sometimes, it might take hours, or even days, for a post to be approved by the group admin. In those cases, please do wait patiently for your post to be approved! :)